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Beneath the idyllic appearance of the Fortunata Group lies an abundance of Natural Resources. It is thought that many of these resources are still untapped.


Minerals include Rare Earth Elements that have become so necessary in this day of electronics as well as rich deposits of Iron, Zinc and Silver.


Natural Gas reserves have been found offshore in the outer island regions, and underwater pipelines deliver this gas to a small refinery on the mineral island of Ferrica and then on to households. Current debates in Parliament include the possibility of exporting much of the natural gas and associated by-products to gain greater income for the island group.


Timber, especially fine grained Teak, grows naturally on all of the islands and has also been cultivated to increase the yield.


Native Rubber Trees produce latex which is processed and sold around the world.


A variety of tropical fruits are also exported, these include Mango, Pineapple, Banana and Coconut.


Solar, Wind and Wave power are all utilized as there are virtually no petroleum fuels refined in the island group.

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